Case Study



FEART have been providing consultation services to Pollok Football Club since August 2016. Indeed, in partnership with them, FEART are delighted to be launching a new Business Club for 2018 onwards to bring a new residual income stream of funds to the Club while providing exceptional value for the supporters and all stakeholders by partnering with local businesses to create special deals.

Working in partnership with Pollok, FEART and their carefully chosen professional selected affiliates have provided consultation on budgetary matters, technological infrastructure, branding, fundraising, cashflow processes and cost reduction.

Iain McFarlane, Pollok FC President, and Stuart MacDonald, Pollok FC Vice President are full of praise and appreciation for FEART’s input and both look forward to continuing the partnership into 2018 and beyond. Indeed, Pollok FC printed the following in their Player of the Year Programme 2017:

“All of FEART’s initial consultation services are free (with no obligation to work with the company thereafter) and, should you decide to work with them going forward, it is always their intention to find additional income streams and / or funding to enable you to pay for their ongoing services thereafter without it hitting YOUR pocket. This is exactly what Pollok FC have experienced as a Club and so we can endorse FEART wholeheartedly.”