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At FEART, we help navigate your way from business idea to conception and beyond.
Equally, we help manage change within your organisation.
We assist your business needs & help to raise monies to ensure its healthy survival and growth.
First consultations are FREE.
Provide bespoke services to meet your needs eg start-up advice, mentoring, business development & more.

Nikki & Jackie

About Us

Established in 2013, FEART (Financial Education and Resource Training) provide help and support to inexperienced individuals starting their own company, and consultation services/training to established businesses assisting their growth.

FEART is directed by Scottish entrepreneurs; Nikki Niven and Jackie Wynne, who have a decade of experience setting up and running their own respective businesses spanning a variety of sectors from manufacturing & marketing to personal development and finance.

Case Study


FEART have been providing consultation services to Pollok Football Club since August 2016. Indeed, in partnership with them, FEART are delighted to be launching a new Loyalty Programme for 2018 onwards to bring a new residual income stream of funds to the Club while providing exceptional value for the supporters and all stakeholders by partnering with local businesses to create special deals.

Working in partnership with Pollok, FEART and their carefully chosen professional selected affiliates have provided consultation on budgetary matters, technological infrastructure, branding, fundraising, cashflow processes and cost reduction.

Iain McFarlane, Pollok FC President, and Stuart MacDonald, Pollok FC Vice President are full of praise and appreciation for FEART’s input and both look forward to continuing the partnership into 2018 and beyond. Indeed, Pollok FC printed the following in their Player of the Year Programme 2017:

“All of FEART’s initial consultation services are free (with no obligation to work with the company thereafter) and, should you decide to work with them going forward, it is always their intention to find additional income streams and / or funding to enable you to pay for their ongoing services thereafter without it hitting YOUR pocket. This is exactly what Pollok FC have experienced as a Club and so we can endorse FEART wholeheartedly.”


Having left the corporate world after 26 years in management, Donna approached FEART when she had a desire to form two new businesses, one of which would be a part-time cottage industry venture and the other which would take the form of self-employment to provide a full-time income, in time replacing her corporate salary.

These were two very different businesses which each required unique approaches to formation and image, ensuring both were reflective of Donna’s character and the brand that she was endeavouring to create.

Donna had no experience of business formation and no access to finance for the start-up costs she simply came to FEART with no more than two ideas. Donna didn’t merely need help with the practical aspects of business but also required mentoring through the transition so as to ensure her confidence and belief were sustained throughout and, equally as importantly, to make sure that her finances were healthy enough to cope with demand. FEART achieved all of these objectives.

Donna said “I truly couldn’t have done this without the assistance from FEART. The help I have had goes far beyond that of what I expected. Not only do I have two businesses created but I also have gained so much knowledge in the process as I was mentored along the way. Almost 24/7 I got instantaneous replies whenever I had a moment of panic, I always felt listened to and valued and I enjoyed the journey from its idea to instigation. I now tell ALL my friends about Nikki and Jackie’s services”.

Customer Feedback

I attended one of FEART’s two day courses in November 2014 and I have to say that I have been on many courses throughout the years but nothing has been as powerful and life changing as this one.

Tracy, New Cumnock

I now know that a happy and successful life is possible. More to the point, I’m earning good money from a wee business that I would never have dreamt I would be able to run. I’m now looking forward to the continuation of my entrepreneurial journey and I can’t wait to see the positive results that come from that.

Amanda, Stirling


FEART offer Bespoke Services to suit ALL budgets but here are just a few examples of some of the areas that we provide assistance on:-

* Company Formation
* Branding
* Digital Marketing
* Social Media
* Finance & Debt Management (Business & Individual)
* Innovative fund raising
* Making the transition from employed to self-employed
* Mentoring from idea to inception then beyond
* Sales & Marketing Training

Don’t be FEART, take the next step and let Financial Education and Resources Training Ltd help you live your dream.

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